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Sharjah, UAE sits on the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and its beach hotels are rather popular bases for exploring this emirate as well as the neighboring emirate of Dubai. I’ve seen many hotels around the world, but one I saw while in Sharjah blew me away. Not because of its exquisite rooms, unique decor, fabulous dining or discount golf, but because of the view on its private beach.

Raddison Blu's private beach in Sharjah, UAE

Yes, this is the beach on which you will be frolicking if you stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sharjah, UAE. I never stayed at this hotel, had no communication with them and have nothing against them whatsoever, seriously. But can you imagine booking a room here and then arriving to discover that during your much-anticipated hours of relaxation in the sand you’re going to be cuddling up next to gas wells? I was amazed that so many Westerners were reclining and playing on this beach, as if the view was of nearby desert islands rather than thousands of tons of quarter-mile-high steel framework.

View of the gas wells on the beach at the Raddison Blu in Sharjah

It appeared to me that the Raddison Blu even has over-the-water bungalows. I envision people being shown to these rooms late at night after flying halfway across the world and rejoicing at their serene abode over the exotic Persian Gulf, only to wake up, look out the window and discover that in reality they are vacationing in the midst of a massive industrial zone. The views out their windows must be quite the sight to behold.

Gas wells on the Persian Gulf at the Radisson Blu in Sharjah, UAE

The interior of this five-star hotel is perfectly adequate. Its rooms range in price from 349 AED (approximately 95 USD) for a standard room to 1,050 AED (approximately 250 USD) for an Arabian Suite. I think its exterior should bring the price down by about 50 percent, don’t you?

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  1. Giulia says:

    Yep, apart from the potential pollution, it’s not what I would call a beautiful view! I don’t know how much the rooms are in that hotel, but I wouldn’t pay too much for having that monster in front of me all the time.:) I would totally stay in that hotel if it was cheap!
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  2. Steve says:

    Amazing. Part of the attraction for a hotel like this would be the view you get on the beach. That structure just ruins it. I tried to imagine what the photos would look like without them and it would make the beach so much better. I’m sure the rooms are great, but a little price break would only seem fair.
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  3. Sabina says:

    Guilia, I’ve now added room rate information to the post. They should most definitely bring the prices down.

  4. Sabina says:

    It is truly amazing. And Steve, you can even see the gas wells from other hotels located on the opposite side of Sharjah. They’re a little distant but still very visible. I think I would have switched hotels myself and just rented a room in Dubai if I was on vacation and wanted to spend a lot of time on the beach.

  5. Sabrina says:

    Wow! That’s bad! Part of the fun of being at a beach is to sit back and enjoy the view – which would be totally impossible there. And the prices are crazy high considering this horrible beach view. I can’t believe people are paying for that. And I wonder… does the hotel include these kind of pictures on their website and their brochure? I’d be pissed if I booked it, arrived there, and found out when walking to the beach in the morning…
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  6. Sebastian says:

    Doest the website tell you that there is a gas well next to the hotel? I would freak out if I would find out that I have to check in into this hotel without knowing that beforehand. And I also think that a price reduction would be adequate.
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  7. Sabina says:

    Hi Sabrina – It is sooo bad!! I really, really doubt the hotel shows photos of these gas wells on any of their promotional material. It would turn off the whole world, I think. I would have checked out immediately if I’d booked a room there, seriously.

  8. Sabina says:

    Haha – no! They even have a gallery, which includes photos from the beach. The wells are strategically left out of each one. Anyone who shows up and has a problem with the wells should be given a 75% discount, I think. Such a ripoff.

  9. I guess nobody would choose that hotel if they included a picture of wells! :D
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  10. Sabina says:

    Hi, Julie. I know – it must be the worst view ever!

  11. Simona says:

    How did you know that is a gas well??
    I actually used to live in Sharjah and know the Hotel and i also work in the Hotel Industry. I have read all your comments and totally understand your point of view, but on the other hand i also understand the Hotel. First to clarify that is not a gas well as Sharjah does not have that. Secondly as the Hotel has no influence of these things they surely will not advertise to damage themselves. The prices are not according in any hotel due to view! And you should also know, that these steel structures are at always there, they come in stay a few months and are being shipped off. So this is not a permanent site in Sharjah.
    In any case you should get your facts right before you write things of a business that could harm them.
    And just for the record, the Hotel was there first and is a landmark. The Government of Sharjah/ The Port has started this just a few years ago. The Hotel on popular demand publishes the quality of water that is being tested in all Hotels Waters (swimming-pool & beach) by the authorities and show that the Hotel’s water is perfectly fine.

  12. Sabina says:

    Hi Simona – I don’t mean any harm to this hotel, as I never stayed there and have nothing against them. I was simply astonished at the horrible beach view. A woman who lives five minutes away from the hotel told me they are gas wells. And the entire three months I lived in Sharjah the wells were there. It will be interesting to see if they’re gone when I return.

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