Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going?

Okay, so where have I been for the past five months and why haven’t I posted anything?

Although I’ve received prodding, encouragement and affirmation from people and I’ve written partial posts, I’ve then set them aside, promising myself I’ll finish them up soon. Then I’ve wandered off into my life, enjoying the present without feeling a need to document it here. So why, really, has it been so long since I’ve posted here?

Simply and honestly put – I just haven’t felt like it. I’ve been enjoying living privately and while I’ve felt guilty about not posting for so long, keeping quiet for a while seemed the right thing to do.

So where have I been for all this time?

I’ve been home! I love my home. Unlike other travelers who are happy traveling the world without ceasing for years, with no possessions and no home base, I need both. Just before I left Egypt, I waxed longingly and poetically on my king-sized purple bed, which I hadn’t set eyes on for two years. And now I’ve been sleeping in it every night for the past eight months and it is fabulous. :)

I have barely stepped foot out of Connecticut while here. And, believe it or not, this is a good thing. I’ve taken day trips to New York City. I also went to Colorado last month for some family time with my brother and beloved little nieces. That’s it! If you read this blog, you haven’t missed much in the way of my travels.

Where am I going now?

Not missing much is about to change in a big way. Tomorrow I’m heading back to the Middle East, the part of the world I love most. I’ve previously traveled lived in Israel, Egypt and U.A.E. and traveled through Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. This time around I’ll be focusing solely on Egypt and Israel and am heading to Egypt first.

Why the Middle East?

Because this region is in my heart. I love every Middle Eastern country I’ve lived in and visited (with the exception of Bahrain, where the consensus seemed to be that I must be a prostitute since I was an unaccompanied female). This is not the case in other Middle Eastern countries, believe me.

Egypt and Israel have bled into and carved deep spots in my heart unlike any other countries. Why? I feel for their people. Both countries are troubled, with their governmental problems severely affecting their innocent populations. Living amongst them both, as I did over a period of 15 months in 2011 and 2012, gave me insight and a compassion, as well as friendships, which I carry with me always.

My next several months of posts will for the most part be Middle Eastern, with a little of the U.S. thrown in. I’ll be bringing you Egypt and Israel uncensored, from the viewpoints of myself as well as the local people. So stay tuned. I will be back soon. Promise!

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  1. YAAAAY! It’s about time that you came back to us, Sabina! Glad to see you’re going back to the Middle East. I’d love to see you hit up Lebanon, southeast Turkey, and Algeria, too – maybe even Iran! Would love to see your take on those countries.

    I totally know what you mean about going back home, too. I don’t think I could ever be an eternal nomad – I love the comforts of having a home too much and yearn for them after a while.
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently posted..Suncheon BayMy Profile

  2. Im really looking forward to your Middle East posts. I want to get to know it a little better cause Im starting to think we need to add this to our ‘must go there’ list!
    Suitcase Stories – Nicole recently posted..Why I left my successful career for a life of travelMy Profile

  3. Sabina says:

    Oh, Tom, thank you SO MUCH! I have long appreciated your support and interest. I’m so happy you’re still keeping track of me even though I’ve been away for so long :)

    Lebanon is a no-go, I’m afraid, until I get another passport because my current one has a multitude of Israel stamps as well as one full-page sticker they stuck in there one time. Turkey – definitely I need to go to Turkey and fully expect to fall in love with Istanbul when I do. Algeria sounds interesting. I will consider it, since you mentioned it. Iran – no way! I would be afraid with my Israel history even if I got a new passport they would find out I was living there and still spend a ton of time there and would arrest me. That may sound paranoid, but when it comes to Iran, all I know is what I hear in the news like everyone else and, although I am possibly the world’s biggest fan of the Middle East, Iran still freaks me out!

  4. Sabina says:

    Thanks, Nicole! The Mid East really is a diverse, beautiful, fascinating region with so many different cultures so well worth getting to know. I’ve got dozens and dozens of Middle Eastern posts already written, so if you check the s, it will hopefully help make up your mind to go :)

  5. Mica says:

    Wow, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one on hiatus! It seems I feel so guilty for not writing the past 2 months but reading this I feel better about it. Sometimes it is ok not to write and just live! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Mica recently posted..How to see Toronto like a CanadianMy Profile

  6. Sabina says:

    Hi Mica – And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one too. Sometimes life takes over and puts blogging on the back burner. It’s good to be back, though. :)

  7. Gray says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world, Sabina! You were missed. And I know exactly what you mean about “home”. I took a 5 month break between trips (Sept to end of January) because I really just needed some downtime where I could enjoy my home and my family and friends during my time off from a very busy job. It was wonderful. It totally rejuvenated me. I’m sure you feel the same way. But now you’re back on the hook. I can’t wait to hear about your new Middle Eastern travels! :-)

  8. Steve says:

    I’ve been wondering where your posts have been. I thought you were taking a break. It’s good to get away from the blogging thing once in a while.

    I’ve missed your posts; you learn a lot from them. I’m glad you’ll be doing some more traveling and writing.

    I’ll be staying tuned for more.
    Steve recently posted..The Last Day of Your LifeMy Profile

  9. Welcome back – to the Middle East AND to travel blogging! Can’t wait to read all about your new adventures :) Hope it’s not too challenging for you to adjust to the beach after all that snow.
    Ayelet – All Colores recently posted..Prepare to Freeze: Ice Sculpture Festivals Not to Miss in the Northern HemisphereMy Profile

  10. B2 says:

    Looking forward to more posts about foreign kitty-cats!

  11. Sabina says:

    Thank you, Gray! Home was indeed rejuvenating. I am SO excited to be back in Egypt, though, I can barely sleep. Now I just need to sit still long enough to write a new post.

  12. Sabina says:

    Hi, Steve – thanks a lot. I’ve always enjoyed your posts too but haven’t been keeping up with them since I went on my unplanned break. I’m happy you learn from my posts because I love learning about this part of the world.

  13. Sabina says:

    Hey, Ayelet – thanks a lot! So far while in Cairo I’ve adjusted quite beautifully to not shrinking from the cold when I walk out the door, and wearing sandals again. I expect Dahab, which is quite a lot warmer, will be even easier :)

  14. Sabina says:

    Hi B2 :) How are you doing? Every day here brings about a new cat adventure. Just last night in a doorway in the hall in my hotel I encountered an approximately six-month old cat who let me pet him before he scratched and bit my arm and hand, which subsequently bled. Hopefully this injury won’t be as long term as a bite I suffered by my temporary Egyptian cat in Dahab well over a year ago. It has never healed, and is still open and red.

  15. There is something in the Middle East that captivates me to dream on my bucketlist and starts planning a trip there. I am mesmerized at how these countries had fairly existed nowadays when I have read them in the bible and something to look interestingly now, with the new tourism and travel writing potentials :)

  16. B2 says:

    You need to be more careful! But, you already know that :-). Remember: A gentle stroke or two along the back, then the neck from behind, then wait to see if kitty reciprocates by arching, kneading, or scenting (brushing cheek against you to apply oils). And never, never-ever, approach a kitty’s head directly from the front or top, as it’s very threatening when your hand blots out the sun! (regardless of how hot it may be out there) When I said kitty stories, I meant happy ones that wouldn’t frighten tourists – like the one sleeping on your lap in Dahab. e.g. On the way to Stratton last week I stopped at a country store for cookies and met their fluffy grey mouser snoozing on a hay bale. After waking him to extend a respectful greeting (reference instructions above) and establishing mutual interest as per Dale Carnegie’s teaching, I leaned down to listen for purring and…he nuzzled my face! (please don’t try the face nuzzle with a feral cat…)

  17. Sabina says:

    Not following your instructions, I came across what I think was the same cat last night, who joined me on a sofa, purring and being very affectionate. While petting her gently, she bit me twice. No skin was broken this time. Cats are so quick with their bites and scratches. WhenI start to see the blur of fur coming at me, I can never move away fast enough.

  18. Sabina says:

    It’s really a fascinating place, the Middle East. Like you, the biblical history in some parts of this region really interests me, as does the variety of cultures. I hope you’ll make it here some day.

  19. Shalu Sharma says:

    The Middle East is very exciting place not only for its its history but also for food and also site seeing. Israel is a fascinating place, I suppose you will also visit Palestine. Egypt will be mega mega interesting. Best wishes.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..10 things you will hate about IndiaMy Profile

  20. Sabina says:

    Shalu, yes, Egypt is mega mega interesting. When I’m here, I’m always learning. Same with Israel – absolutely fascinating and a continual learning experience.

  21. I know what you mean by home. I tend to pick them a year at a time but after ambling about for a few weeks “home” is always inviting; for a short while.
    Jonathan Look, Jr. recently posted..Top 12 Photos of 2012My Profile

  22. Sabina says:

    Hi, Jonathan – Home is great. But the rest of the world is too :)

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