Outdoor Love – Let The Solo Bicycle Trips Begin

Spring fever has begun to travel across my mind.

  • As I sit locked inside – safe, warm and dry from the cold rain that’s beat against my house for three days, my mind travels back to just last week, a week packed with days that begged me to go outside. Bicycle riding in the woods is where the outdoors asked me to travel. How to do the bicycle riding? Along paths sparsely populated, paths that know a summer crush of people will fill them in a few months.

    The weather opened these trails for their first test run of the year, when temperatures shot up to the low 50’s (approximately 10 to 12 degrees to non-Americans) after a winter of impossible cold. Trees overhanging the asphalt pathways were still stark – no hint of a leaf or a bud, only brown. Large patches of snow topped with ice lay in shady areas, surprising spots of slipperiness on days that held the scents of spring. I swerved and traveled onward.

    Most other visitors to the trails walked and jogged, but a few others besides myself knew how to do the bicycle thing. We hit the paths on bikes, all of us wearing thin layers to keep the slight cold out as the wind whizzed past. Breathing deep the air just starting to warm as our hemisphere rotates closer to the sun, I thought about bike travels past and future, on the mainland and on the islands near my home, feeling grateful the following months mean more.

    how to do the bicycle - Martha's Vineyard

    A Bicycle Trip on Martha's Vineyard

    My first local love is Martha’s Vineyard, with over fifty miles of thickly wooded bicycle paths winding their way from town to town and roads safe for traveling on two wheels from one favorite spot to the next.

    Solo Female Traveler - Block Island

    Blocks on Block Island

    Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island, is another summer bicycle love, with near-empty roads that show off the landscape against the ocean.

    how to do the bicycle

    A Little Pond at a Big Beach

    Here at home, the paths at the beach, the trails in the woods and the country roads of certain small towns provide a second home for me when the weather is warm and dry.

    This week is full of hope for more trips across the trails.

  • Thumbnail Vintage Bicycle photo by Daisy’s Little Cottage

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    1. Mike says:

      For some reason, I’ve never wanted to see Spring hurry-up and get here as much as I do this year. I guess it’s been a rough Winter on your edge of the planet, too. Hang in there!


    2. inka says:

      Even here in Miami it was bitter cold (well, sort of), so I’m looking forward to spring and summer. Great post’ although I personally hate biking. I rather walk.
      .-= inka´s last blog ..The single woman traveler: The ‘Hood- Downtown Miami =-.

    3. Sabina Lohr says:

      Oh, I already hung. I think I might be done. I hope you are finished as well.

    4. Sabina Lohr says:

      Yes, I heard it was freakishly cold in Florida. I hope that’s over with forever.

    5. Candice says:

      I haven’t been biking in so long, this all sounds lovely.
      .-= Candice´s last blog ..A Post For My American Friends: Newfoundland is a Lot Closer Than You Think =-.

    6. Sabina Lohr says:

      Candice, thank you! These places are absolutely lovely.

    7. Joel says:

      You definitely don’t have to sell me on bicycle trips! I’ve never ridden on the East Coast, though. Those look like some wonderful rides.
      .-= Joel´s last blog ..Confessions of A Cultural Idiot Pt. 3 – Participate =-.

    8. Sabina Lohr says:

      And they are some wonderful rides. Maybe some day you’ll get the opportunity.

    9. I love biking, especially in spring! Unfortunately I biked a bit too much last year so my bike is still sitting there all broken in the garage. Lovely pictures, made me want to fix my bike :P

    10. Sabina Lohr says:

      You should fix it. Summer’s coming!

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