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    1. vinodh says:

      Informative ,clean and good looking website.

    2. Cyndi says:

      Re your mystery fruit in Amman. I am salivating! Not sure what they’re called in Amman, but in Kenya, they’re called custard apples. White, very sweet pearish flesh around black hard seeds. The one in the middle of the picture is a bit over-ripe and might be a bit grainy. The other ones are probably more creamy. Enjoy! (Just found your blog and enjoying your entries. I lived in Nairobi for several years.)

    3. Sabina says:

      Thank you!

    4. Sabina says:

      Hi Cyndi, I’m very happy you’re enjoying my blog! Someone else also told me this fruit is a custard apple. I didn’t run across any more while in Jordan or I would have bought one and eaten it. Lesson learned :)

    5. fatimah says:

      Just came across your blog, reminded me of my solo journeys in the last 5 years! At the risk of taking out the buzz from future travels, I am going to try and chart out the next travel to a place you have been and I havent :) ( p.s. loved the post about Petra and Jordan .. totally relate to it)

    6. Sabina says:

      Hi Fatimah – thanks a lot for commenting! I’m happy to meet you here and glad to know that you are a fellow solo female traveler. If you need any advice on anywhere you decide to head, please let me know.

    7. Amy says:

      Hi Sabina!
      In the summer of 2000 I went to Jerusalem and bought a necklace from a “Joseph”. I KNOW it is the same joseph you know because where he is located in your story is the same shopkeeper named Joseph that I know. You don’t know how to get in touch with him do you? Does he have an email? I REALLY want to buy 2 more necklaces from him. My necklace is a mite (coin) in sterling silver. any information you have would be great!!! Thank you!

      Amy B.

    8. Sabina says:

      Hi, Amy – thanks a lot for writing. How amazing that you know “Joseph”! I don’t know how to get in touch with him short of going back to Jerusalem and visiting him. I’ve never gotten his email or phone. I do see him each time I visit the city, though. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to make you or sell you two new necklaces. I hope you can find him. :)

    9. Hey Sabrina…nice work. I think someone needs to come up with a site to connect us “solo” travelers/bloggers. :-) Look forward to following.

      Cheers, Mike

    10. Sabina says:

      Hey, Mike – thanks a lot! And I think you’re right.

    11. Samantha says:

      Hi Sabina,
      I posted a comment earlier but experienced some “technical trouble” So I hope this doesn’t get posted twice.
      I just found your blog while exploring another solo travelers blog. I have big dreams of some day traveling and Middle East and seeing all there is to see and experience but until that day I live vicariously through bloggers that are living the dream.
      I have searched for an area to view more of your travels photo’s but I haven’t found it. Is it capable to view photo’s on your blog and I am missing it? Or are your photo’s only available with your posts?
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and making it easier for those of us that hope to travel in your footsteps one day!

    12. Sabina says:

      Hi, Samantha!

      Thank you for visiting my site :) My photos are avaialable in individual posts, and you’ll find many more on my Facebook page here. I don’t have a single repository to hold all of my photos, but you can use the search box on my site to search for the areas of the world you’re interested in and you’ll find a lot of photos in each post.

      Thank you again, and take care.


    13. alison says:

      I love your blog–cringing with you about the lamb at the slaughterhouse. I worked at a ranch one year when they rounded up the pigs for slaughter–that was it, i’ve been veggie since. I’ve been so interested in seeing the Middle-east and N. Africa too–the cultures seem so rich and beautiful. I recently saw a friend’s pictures of Morocco–just stunning. I WANT to GO!!

      My exotic passions have taken me mostly to Asia so far. I have 3 passions actually– travel, writing, and yoga/meditation. I have spent the last ten years traveling back and forth mostly to India for all 3, spending the majority of my time at this spectacular place in the south:

      And, in the last few years, bringing a bit of the magic back stateside, helping to erect this spectacular retreat in Tenn.: Why should India have all the fun?;)

      If you are ever traveling back this way, just let me know. I’d be happy to show you around and teach you a little about meditation. Take care and enjoy your travels! -alison

    14. Sam says:

      I have a question, as a fellow solo female traveler. I will be going to Israel this summer for Birthright and wanted to travel overland to Egypt onto Cairo afterwards. The U.S. travel department REALLY doesn’t want me to do this. What’s your assessment of the current safety of traveling overland through the Sinai?

    15. Julie says:

      Hi Sabina! I was so excited to come across this blog, because I am moving to Israel from the USA in late July. I’m curious about weather and what to bring. I’ll be in school in Tel Aviv for 1.5 years. Any advise? I’ve read all the online stuff, but I think it’s better to hear stuff from a real live person! :)

    16. Magdy Migo says:

      I am happy to see this plog

    17. Maria says:

      Hi Sabina, my PhD dissertation is about solo travelers and I would love to have an opportunity to talk to you about your travels. I would have sent you an email with the details about my study if I had your email address. I would highly appreciate it if you could drop me an email and I tell you more. — and I saw you have not gone to Iran yet, would you like any help to visit that old country too?

    18. Eilidh Stewart says:

      Hi there!

      I’m a journalism student and I’m writing an article on solo female travellers and I was wondering if you would mind answering a couple of questions about your experiences?

      I really hope you have the time to talk to me!

      Eilidh Stewart

    19. Michele says:

      Hi. Just wondering where you are now. It doesn’t seem you’ve posted in a while – over a year. I want to visit Egypt on my own but am getting much resistance from friends and I was referred to you by Egyptian Sidekick. I live in Saudi and can’t find a travel partner for a three day weekend in January. I don’t think this should stop me from traveling to my bucket list spot.

    20. Sabina says:

      Hi Michele – thanks for writing. You can definitely travel to Egypt safely. The people who say not to go are typically those who haven’t been. Those of us who have traveled there and lived there know it’s perfectly fine. I have spent several months of my life in Egypt and have never had anything bad or even frightening happen. The people are very friendly, helpful and generous, and you will have a lovely, exciting time when you go. This is a must-see country and you really should go ahead and go. You’ll be so happy you did :)

    21. Megan Lilge says:


      I ran across your website while doing research for my upcoming solo trip to Egypt. I want to stay in Dahab for a week and am looking for a recommendation for budget hostel/hotel. Any suggestions?
      Thank you,

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