The Amazing 2,000-Year-Old Boat on Kibbutz Nof Ginossar, Israel

I always said that some day the sea will give us a gift, says Yuvi Lufan. His prediction proved true. The gift which was given by the sea is now one of northern Israel greatest treasures, and my personal favorite. The sea of which Mr. Lufan speaks is the Sea of Galilee, and he says […]

This is Syria?

Knowing, as we do, that civil war is raging on in Syria, with its people enduring horrifying daily bloodbaths, it seems that the entire country must be in a state of catastrophic chaos. So when I got to look across the border into Syria the other day, it was shocking to see this: A little […]

Mokkatam Village a/k/a Garbage City in Cairo

I sat down to write a post about the amazing Cave Church I visited in Cairo, when I began instead reading up on the people who live in the village that is home to the church. Soon it became clear that an entire post should be dedicated to what little I know about these people […]

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You’ve Got to Be Tough to Be a Cat in Israel

Last night, a cute little kitten I took into my home to nurture back to health died on my sofa. This very smart little go-getter was two or three months old, white with orange and black patches, gender unknown. A stray. When I first took it in the previous night, I thought it really might […]

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Afternoon Tea With Bedouins in the Sinai

On my third morning in sunny Nuweiba, Egypt the owner of the beautiful Habiba Village hotel on the sands of the Gulf of Aqaba, drove me and a couple other people off into the desert. This was to be an unforgettable day, as were all days in Nuweiba. As Maged sped us along in typical […]

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Mahane Yehuda Market, I’m So Glad I Found You!

On the way to Jerusalem last month my seatmate, a guy named Noam, entered my heart when he pointed out there was free Wifi on our bus to occupy my time during the three-hour journey. I repaid his kindness by giving him one of my Mentos mints. Our bonding was official. We drove into the […]

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A Palestinian Engagement Party in Ramallah, West Bank

When I traveled from Tiberias to Jerusalem a few weeks ago, I hooked up with a Christian Palestinian friend of mine who invited me to what he called a marriage ceremony in the town of Ramallah, the capital of the West Bank. How exciting, I thought, I get to attend a Palestinian wedding! The following […]

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Laundry of the World – Photo Essay

Laundry may seem peculiar photographic subject matter, but consider this. These simple muticolored cloths swaying in the breeze are a nexus between traveler and local, forming a sort of wall between “us” and “them.” On the traveler’s side of the laundry line are plane tickets and bus stations, maps and museums, exotic foods and hostel […]

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Dining on the Floor With Locals

One of my greatest Egyptian experiences was also one of my most unexpected. During my trip to the Sinai a couple of months ago I traveled down to this region’s southernmost town, Sharm el Sheikh. As Desi, the owner of Sinai Old Spice bed and breakfast, drove me from the bus station to her home, […]

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A Glimpse into Ramadan in Jerusalem

I love the personality of the Old City so much that I always stay in this historic area when I travel to Jerusalem. Its pull is powerful, as inside its ancient walls stand three sites of extreme importance to the three major Western religions: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Christians, the Western Wall […]

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How to Travel Overland from Israel to Egypt

If you want to travel from Israel to Egypt, overland is an excellent way to go. The journey is relatively inexpensive and quick and takes you through the beautiful and vast Negev Desert in southern Israel and into the awesome dark mountains of the Sinai in Egypt. I went overland when I traveled to the […]

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People Who Pose and People Who Don’t – Photo Essay

Taking photographs is one of the funnest aspects of travel. While it may be nice to snap shots of famous structures like Angkor Wat and beautiful nature such as what you see in northern Israel , I think taking photos of people is far more fun. Of course some strangers love having a camera pointed […]

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Six Trues and Falses of the Middle East

Before I first started traveling in the Middle East in 2008, I had many preconceptions about this part of our world. Mostly acquired through watching television news, some gotten off the street and others a figment of my own assumptions, only some of my imaginings about the Mid East have proved entirely true. Here are […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Monks in Jerusalem, Israel

I think Jerusalem is the most complex city in the world, with its millenia-old history, its omnipresent political trouble and structures of extreme import to Jews, Christians and Muslims lying within its ancient walled Old City. I’ve spent only a few weeks of my life here, and am finally heading back in a couple of […]

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Making Sugar Cane Juice in Nuweiba, Egypt

I never tasted sugar cane until I traveled to Egypt. Each time in my life when visions of this exotic plant have danced through my mind, I’ve imagined it growing in wet fields in Hawaii, not the dry deserts of the Mid East. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but the very first day I arrived […]

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