The Amazing 2,000-Year-Old Boat on Kibbutz Nof Ginossar, Israel

I always said that some day the sea will give us a gift, says Yuvi Lufan. His prediction proved true. The gift which was given by the sea is now one of northern Israel greatest treasures, and my personal favorite. The sea of which Mr. Lufan speaks is the Sea of Galilee, and he says […]

This is Syria?

Knowing, as we do, that civil war is raging on in Syria, with its people enduring horrifying daily bloodbaths, it seems that the entire country must be in a state of catastrophic chaos. So when I got to look across the border into Syria the other day, it was shocking to see this: A little […]

Mokkatam Village a/k/a Garbage City in Cairo

I sat down to write a post about the amazing Cave Church I visited in Cairo, when I began instead reading up on the people who live in the village that is home to the church. Soon it became clear that an entire post should be dedicated to what little I know about these people […]

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Is Egypt Safe? Yes.

People are calling off vacations and airlines are canceling flights because there is rioting in Cairo, once again. Reminiscent of the revolution which began on January 25th of this year, the media is in Tahrir Square, filming thousands of angry people and reporting on injuries and deaths. With the country’s first election in over 30 […]

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Egypt’s Blue Hole – Great for Diving, and Just Sightseeing

The Blue Hole isn’t the most enticing of place names, yet this is the title given to the most popular diving spot in the Sinai and probably all of Egypt. What it lacks in poetry it makes up for in accuracy. This is indeed a deep ocean hole that is the most gorgeous hue of […]

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Caution: Going to Church in Egypt

It’s easy to travel through and live in the Middle East and be witness to none of the tensions that have brewed in the region for centuries. Egypt has been experiencing a lot of highly publicized strife since the government fell ten months ago yet is still filled with friendly people and a peaceful atmosphere. […]

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Celebrating Islam’s Eid al-Adha Holiday…By Sacrificing Sheep?

This morning I was awakened at 6:30 by the sound of children playing outside my window and the salat, or worship service, broadcasting on loudspeakers from the mosques near my apartment deep inside the Bedouin village of Dahab, Egypt. I had known the start of the Muslim holiday Eid al Adha was on the horizon […]

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Dahab, Egypt for Beginners Like Me

I’m pretty familiar with the Middle East by now, having traveled and lived in this region on and off for almost four years. Please believe me when I tell you that Dahab, Egypt, where I sit and write this, is the most comfortable Arab culture in which I’ve ever landed. Dahab is a Bedouin village […]

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5 Cool Things in Eilat, Israel (Besides Chain Hotels and Dolphins)

Eilat, Israel is a very popular place for Israelis as well as people who travel to Israel. Most travelers, though, who aren’t specifically planning a trip to this country probably never have heard of Israel’s only resort city and its southern-most town on the Red Sea just across the border from the Sinai in Egypt. […]

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The Quickest, Easiest and Cheapest Way to Get an Egypt Visa in Israel

When I first traveled overland from Israel to Egypt four months ago, I learned the hard way that at Taba, Egypt’s only border with Israel, you can only get a Sinai visa, not an Egypt visa. The good news is that the Sinai visa is free. The bad news is that it only is valid […]

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Saturday Market in Jenin, West Bank

The name Jenin struck a familiar chord when it was mentioned to me a few days ago, so today when the opportunity arose to visit this West Bank city, I jumped on it. You may have heard of Jenin, as it played a prominent role in the 2nd Intifada, which lasted from September 2000 until […]

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After the Exodus from Egypt – Sukkot in Israel

It is currently Sukkot in Israel, one of the country’s many religious holidays, this one seven days long. This is the second Sukkot I’ve gotten to spend in Israel and, although I’m not Jewish, it’s been pretty enjoyable. Not because a lot of people are off of work and in a holiday mood, and not […]

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Injuries and Accidents on the Road

I am not accident prone, but I have had a few rather painful injuries and mishaps since I began my living-like-a-local travels almost a year and a half ago. If I was the type to routinely get hit by cars and fall down stairs or whatever it is that accident prone people do, my injuries […]

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No Food, Water, TV or Driving Allowed – Yom Kippur in Israel

It is like Christmas, said the man in the shop. I was in a small market in Tiberias buying a few groceries the afternoon before the Yom Kippur holiday this past Friday in Israel. The man who uttered this sentence did so in response to nothing I said, simply noticing, I suppose, that I did […]

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Things I Find in Other Countries That Don’t Exist at Home, Part II

Whether you’re a nubile traveler or you’ve been a citizen of the world for years, travel can open your eyes. A few months ago I wrote a post entitled Five Things I Find in Other Countries That Don’t Exist At Home . Just five? You might say. Yes, just five, because I am terrible at […]

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