The Amazing 2,000-Year-Old Boat on Kibbutz Nof Ginossar, Israel

I always said that some day the sea will give us a gift, says Yuvi Lufan. His prediction proved true. The gift which was given by the sea is now one of northern Israel greatest treasures, and my personal favorite. The sea of which Mr. Lufan speaks is the Sea of Galilee, and he says […]

This is Syria?

Knowing, as we do, that civil war is raging on in Syria, with its people enduring horrifying daily bloodbaths, it seems that the entire country must be in a state of catastrophic chaos. So when I got to look across the border into Syria the other day, it was shocking to see this: A little […]

Mokkatam Village a/k/a Garbage City in Cairo

I sat down to write a post about the amazing Cave Church I visited in Cairo, when I began instead reading up on the people who live in the village that is home to the church. Soon it became clear that an entire post should be dedicated to what little I know about these people […]

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Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Solo Female Travelers

Because my very first travels were solo and began years ago, whatever safety rules I may have adhered to in the beginning have become somewhat become absorbed into my psyche and, therefore, a little difficult to extract and express. I have pulled out several of them, though, and compiled them into the following list. Whether […]

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Merry Coptic Christmas from Egypt!

If you’re the type who is sorry to see Christmas end each year, you can come to Egypt and celebrate the holiday twice. Christians in Egypt, called Copts, make up about ten percent of the country’s population and, like Christians in some other countries such as Russia, they are orthodox. I learned shortly after arriving […]

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My Pre-Blog Travels: Part I – Muscat, Oman

I began to travel years before I had a blog, and in retrospect I wish I could have shared those early, formative journeys online. I’ve recently found that looking at my old travel photos re-kindles not just memories but, at least somewhat, feelings. My digital photos only date back to the mid 2000’s, but there […]

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2011 – The Highs and the Lows

As I reflect on 2011, I need to be realistic. It was a good, educational and exciting year full of getting to know other cultures, exploring the world and trying new things. Like any year, though, 2011 had its down sides. I traveled and I loved, I lived and I lost. I’m a private person […]

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Merry Christmas from the Middle East

Muslim countries aren’t exactly full of Christmas joy at this time of year. Yet for the second year in a row I, an avid lover of all things Christmassy, find myself living in such a country on Christmas. Last year it was Sharjah, UAE, an ultra-conservative Islamic emirate on the Persian Gulf. This year it’s […]

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The Amazing Koshary and Rice Pudding of Dahab, Egypt

When I was just passing through Dahab, Egypt for the first time last June I didn’t have time to discover of one the most popular local dishes. This is probably because this meal is not commonly served at the scores of restaurants where travelers head along its main street. Once I settled into the heart […]

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Things I Find in Other Countries That Don’t Exist at Home, Part III

I’m privileged to have my eyes so often opened to the ways of the rest of the world as I travel a little and spend a lot of time living like a local. While I’ve found that my native land of America has more stuff than most countries, other countries actually have some things that […]

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Why I Felt Comfortable Spending Two Nights Inside a Military Zone in Cairo

Note: The area in Cairo that is the subject of this post was an anomaly, as it was directly in the center of the recent protests. The rest of Cairo was its normal wonderfully chaotically calm self. After months of media reports on the Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath, it may seem as if violent […]

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Observations From Traveling Overland Through Egypt

Last week I traveled overland from the very bottom of Egypt to almost its very top and back again when I took a cross-country private van trip from Dahab to Cairo, courtesy of my favorite tour company in the world, King Safari Dahab and then a bus trip back to Dahab. When I climbed in […]

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Four Hours in Tahrir Square, Cairo

I had no intention of going into Tahrir Square yesterday. I’d been through the area once before when I visited the Egyptian Museum in October of 2009 during my first trip to Cairo. Back then, long before the January 2011 revolution during which thousands of people were injured and hundreds killed, I hadn’t even realized […]

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How to Get Rid of Flies in Egypt

Can eating a delicious meal at a lovely seaside outdoor restaurant be totally spoiled by a dozen flies landing on your plate? I can only guess the answer is yes. Thankfully I am not positive because when I and the aforementioned flies were dining on a delicious meal after I snorkeled in the Blue Hole […]

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Photos of Things I Shouldn’t Have Taken Photos Of

It seems as if some of the most interesting sights I happen upon while traveling are forbidden territory. As far as photos go, anyway. Whether a No Photos Allowed sign is hanging in the foreground, someone tells me not to take a picture or it’s obvious that I shouldn’t, sometimes these prohibitions make snapping a […]

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