The Amazing 2,000-Year-Old Boat on Kibbutz Nof Ginossar, Israel

I always said that some day the sea will give us a gift, says Yuvi Lufan. His prediction proved true. The gift which was given by the sea is now one of northern Israel greatest treasures, and my personal favorite. The sea of which Mr. Lufan speaks is the Sea of Galilee, and he says […]

This is Syria?

Knowing, as we do, that civil war is raging on in Syria, with its people enduring horrifying daily bloodbaths, it seems that the entire country must be in a state of catastrophic chaos. So when I got to look across the border into Syria the other day, it was shocking to see this: A little […]

Mokkatam Village a/k/a Garbage City in Cairo

I sat down to write a post about the amazing Cave Church I visited in Cairo, when I began instead reading up on the people who live in the village that is home to the church. Soon it became clear that an entire post should be dedicated to what little I know about these people […]

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A Slice of Tel Aviv

It’s rather shocking, to myself anyway, that after spending several months in Israel I’d never traveled to Tel Aviv. It became obvious a couple of weeks ago that a trip to this extremely popular, very busy city on the Mediterranean was necessary. And when travel is necessary, it’s necessary. So I hopped on a bus […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Siesta in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Many cultures around the world share similarities, some of which stand out as lifestyles or habits that my own Western world would probably be smart to adopt. One healthy routine I’ve either seen firsthand or learned about from a local is the daily siesta. We probably all know that afternoon naps are popular in Mexico […]

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5 Things Uniquely Israeli

I’ve always found much to love about the country of Israel: its most exciting city on earth, Jerusalem, its incredibly gorgeous nature of the north, and the open and friendly ways of its people. You can find excitement, beauty and friendliness all over the world, though. Israel has sights and qualities you can’t easily find […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Kangaroos in Donnelly River, WA

The hamlet of Donnelly River, Western Australia is a ghost town during its off season. A couple dozen little wooden houses line a small gravel road leading the way to a mill which was closed in 1978, a move that caused residents of Donnelly River to abandon the town. I was told that during warm […]

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Would You Stay At This Hotel?

Sharjah, UAE sits on the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and its beach hotels are rather popular bases for exploring this emirate as well as the neighboring emirate of Dubai. I’ve seen many hotels around the world, but one I saw while in Sharjah blew me away. Not because of its exquisite rooms, unique […]

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The Tornado that Destroyed My Hometown – Joplin, Missouri

Never in my life have I felt like I had a hometown. I was born in southern Missouri in a little town where I lived only until I was five months old. My family then moved around the state every several years until I was midway through my teens, at which time we headed south […]

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My Favorite Spot in Vietnam – Hoi An

The vastness of Vietnam causes travelers not only to take days or weeks traversing the country from north to south or vice versa but allows us to experience a gold mine of areas that differ greatly one from the other along the way. Amongst all of this southeast Asian country’s unique locales, it wasn’t difficult […]

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Israel’s Hot Springs – A Mini Dead Sea

The hot springs of northern Israel are one of the country’s least-popular sites for visitors. Understandably, most people who travel to Israel are interested primarily in visiting its hundreds of historical religious sites. These springs, though, with their healing qualities, are extremely popular with locals. Since I’ve already seen most of the religous and historical […]

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The Quickest, Easiest and Cheapest Way to Get a Vietnam Visa in Cambodia

When planning my trip to Southeast Asia, I decided to head to Cambodia before Vietnam in large part because, as an American, I had to apply for a visa before I traveled to the latter country. I didn’t want to go to the expense and trouble of sending off my passport to the Vietnamese embassy […]

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Springtime in Northern Israel – Photo Essay

As I sit here listening to the sweet lullaby of a lawn mower, I’m reminded that springtime is lingering a little longer than usual here in northern Israel. Spring is short in this country, typically running from February through April. Aided by late season rains this year, its multi-colored hues are decorating the earth a […]

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5 Luxury Dubai Hotels Which I Never Saw

During my three months in Sharjah, UAE, I made many, many trips into the neighboring emirate of Dubai. I’m really not into glamour and glizt, so my jaunts into Dubai were short because, frankly, I was a little bored. I never once walked through the doors of any of the hotels for which Dubai is […]

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Easter Sunday in an Arab Town in Israel

The little city of Nazareth sits down inside a deep bowl-shaped area of land in northern Israel approximately midway between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of Tiberias. I think it’s one of the most interesting cities in Israel, with its Christian sites and almost 100 percent Arab population. Just last year […]

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