Weekend Snapshot – Monks in Jerusalem, Israel

I think Jerusalem is the most complex city in the world, with its millenia-old history, its omnipresent political trouble and structures of extreme import to Jews, Christians and Muslims lying within its ancient walled Old City. I’ve spent only a few weeks of my life here, and am finally heading back in a couple of weeks.

‘Tis the season for tourists and although I’ve been in Israel for months, I’ll be joining their throngs once I arrive. Like me, they may be staying in one of the many hostels or hotels in the walled Old City, or elsewhere. Wherever you stay inside or outside its walls, at some point most every visitor to Israel’s capital city ventures into the ancient Old City.

One of the most touristy things I’ve done while there was joining hundreds of other people on a weekly 3:00 Friday afternoon walk along the Via Dolorosa, the last path which Jesus Christ walked before being hung on the cross and tortured to death. On this walk, the tourists follow in the steps of many monks, who lead the way to the 14 stations of the cross through crowded, curvy streets. It’s not that often in my life that I see even one monk, much less dozens. Here’s just a few that I saw on my last trip to Jerusalem, waiting to begin the walk down the Via Dolorosa.

Monks waiting to begin the walk down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem

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  1. Phillip says:

    Hi! I work for a small homeschooling company called Homeschool Connections. We are producing a short, seven minute video on the origin of monasticism in the Middle East and I was wondering if you minded if we used this wonderful pic you took of all the monks on the Via Dolorosa? We are a very small company and can’t offer you any payment, but we can give you credit in the video, if you’d like.

    Please let me know! I can be reached at phicampiii@gmail.com.

    Phillip Campbell

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