Out of the Way in New York City – D.U.M.B.O.

Tweet Yesterday a friend told me that, although he’d grown up in New Jersey very close to New York, he’d never heard of Dumbo. Located on the East River in Brooklyn, this is not one of New York’s most famous sights – and also no relation to the cartoon elephant by the same name. Still, […]

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Opposites Attract in Brooklyn – A Day of Barge Music and Coney Island

Tweet If I a location grabs me, I shall return. Three weeks after the first foray of my life across the Brooklyn Bridge, I walked its planks once more. Barge Music is part of what I was after. I had learned of a coffee barge, built in 1899 and now renovated and docked on the […]

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Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Tweet Recently I headed where thousands go every day but I’d never thought to venture in all my travels to New York – across the bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn. I travel frequently into the city, often for a taste of the world’s best cold drink, the bubble tea of Chinatown. Also, of course, I […]

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Springtime in the City – New York’s Central Park

Tweet The East Coast was pummeled with a perfect spring Saturday this weekend, prompting me to head in to New York for a while. A walking tour focusing on Central Park’s 19th Century history was the lone item on my agenda. So, of course, I took a train that pulled in to the city with […]

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The Pains of Travel – When Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking

Tweet If there is anywhere you can travel in the United States and look absolutely as bodacious or hellacious as you wish, it is New York City. I personally like to land somewhere in between a ragamuffin and royalty, which leads me to dress simply yet stylishly. Looking fashionable in New York in the winter […]

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Bubble Tea in Chinatown, NYC

Tweet Stumbling unexpectedly upon something, somewhere that catches your eye, your mind and your heart forever is a pretty rare event. Re-visting these attention-grabbing somethings even just one time can be quite exciting. And multiple times? Oh, the glee. When I travel down to New York, one something that long ago grabbed and has forever […]

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Very Secret Travel Secrets

Tweet Thank you, Anne-Sophie Redisch, for tagging me for the Tripbase Best Kept Travel Secrets Project. May the best travel blogs win! I have a lifetime of secrets, but here are three of my most special travel secrets (I do have others, though…) 1. Hiking Streams in Israel A popular Israeli pastime is hiking streams. […]

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So Who Am I?

1I am a lover of exotic cultures, rare experiences and good people everywhere. Read more about me.

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