New England’s Smallest Islands – The Thimble Islands

Tweet Every year for many years I’ve blasted down Highway I-95 in Connecticut, frequently passing by a little sign near Exit 56 which states, quietly and simply, Thimble Islands. What are these “thimble islands” I would wonder, as the sign blurred by and the years moved on. I had heard on the street that these […]

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Outdoor Love – Let The Solo Bicycle Trips Begin

Tweet Spring fever has begun to travel across my mind. As I sit locked inside – safe, warm and dry from the cold rain that’s beat against my house for three days, my mind travels back to just last week, a week packed with days that begged me to go outside. Bicycle riding in the […]

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Why Am I The Only One Here? Wintertime at the Beach

Tweet New England beaches become lonely during the nine months of the year that people forget about them, I think. On the few isolated summer days when the weather is actually warm and the sun surprisingly visible, people desperate for what wintertime left behind travel from near and far, jamming highways and bottlenecking back roads, […]

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So Who Am I?

1I am a lover of exotic cultures, rare experiences and good people everywhere. Read more about me.

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