Why I Prefer B&B’s to Hotels

Tweet I always enjoy the process of deciding where to stay when I travel. I think this is one of the most important choices you can make when planning a trip since where you stay can greatly help make or break your experience. I travel to Martha’s Vineyard every summer (save for the past two […]

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A Lighthouse at the End of the Earth – Cape Poge, Chappaquiddick

Tweet Lighthouses are a staple of New England. Admired, protected and frequently visited, these are popular due to their varied appearances, their beautiful seaside locations, and the awesome fact that this centuries-old method of alerting ships to the presence of land still is utilized in the modern day. I’ve visited several lighthouses in the Northeast, […]

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Out of the Way in New York City – D.U.M.B.O.

Tweet Yesterday a friend told me that, although he’d grown up in New Jersey very close to New York, he’d never heard of Dumbo. Located on the East River in Brooklyn, this is not one of New York’s most famous sights – and also no relation to the cartoon elephant by the same name. Still, […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Jumping off the Jaws Bridge on Martha’s Vineyard, USA

Tweet My absolute favorite summertime destination in the U.S. is Martha’s Vineyard. Just four short hours via car and ferry from my home in Connecticut, this quintessentially quaint New England island comes to life in the three short months of summer, when you can enjoy all the outdoorsy activities there is no way you can […]

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Moving to the Other Side of the Earth – Reversing the Seasons

Tweet As I prepare to move to Australia in a week, the weather where I live in New England has been so bizarrely hot for the past two months that the summer temperatures here at home and the winter across the earth where I am headed are playing a large role in my thoughts. Here’s […]

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New England’s Smallest Islands – The Thimble Islands

Tweet Every year for many years I’ve blasted down Highway I-95 in Connecticut, frequently passing by a little sign near Exit 56 which states, quietly and simply, Thimble Islands. What are these “thimble islands” I would wonder, as the sign blurred by and the years moved on. I had heard on the street that these […]

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Opposites Attract in Brooklyn – A Day of Barge Music and Coney Island

Tweet If I a location grabs me, I shall return. Three weeks after the first foray of my life across the Brooklyn Bridge, I walked its planks once more. Barge Music is part of what I was after. I had learned of a coffee barge, built in 1899 and now renovated and docked on the […]

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Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Tweet Recently I headed where thousands go every day but I’d never thought to venture in all my travels to New York – across the bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn. I travel frequently into the city, often for a taste of the world’s best cold drink, the bubble tea of Chinatown. Also, of course, I […]

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If It’s Frigid It Must Be Newport

Tweet A sharp imagination is useful when you’re waiting for summer to hit after seven months of winter. During the springtime days that so slowly crawl into hot-ish weather, I some years wind up traveling to Newport, Rhode Island in an attempt to help push the season into being. One of the most happening towns […]

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Springtime in the City – New York’s Central Park

Tweet The East Coast was pummeled with a perfect spring Saturday this weekend, prompting me to head in to New York for a while. A walking tour focusing on Central Park’s 19th Century history was the lone item on my agenda. So, of course, I took a train that pulled in to the city with […]

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Outdoor Love – Let The Solo Bicycle Trips Begin

Tweet Spring fever has begun to travel across my mind. As I sit locked inside – safe, warm and dry from the cold rain that’s beat against my house for three days, my mind travels back to just last week, a week packed with days that begged me to go outside. Bicycle riding in the […]

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The Pains of Travel – When Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking

Tweet If there is anywhere you can travel in the United States and look absolutely as bodacious or hellacious as you wish, it is New York City. I personally like to land somewhere in between a ragamuffin and royalty, which leads me to dress simply yet stylishly. Looking fashionable in New York in the winter […]

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