How to Travel Overland from Israel to Egypt

Tweet If you want to travel from Israel to Egypt, overland is an excellent way to go. The journey is relatively inexpensive and quick and takes you through the beautiful and vast Negev Desert in southern Israel and into the awesome dark mountains of the Sinai in Egypt. I went overland when I traveled to […]

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Making Sugar Cane Juice in Nuweiba, Egypt

Tweet I never tasted sugar cane until I traveled to Egypt. Each time in my life when visions of this exotic plant have danced through my mind, I’ve imagined it growing in wet fields in Hawaii, not the dry deserts of the Mid East. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but the very first day I […]

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On Top of Mount Sinai

Tweet In Egypt, the land of awesome ancient wonders, by far my most tremendous experience has been climbing Mount Sinai. The thrill of this outweighed even walking amongst the jaw dropping pyramids of Giza in 2009. My first attempt to climb the mountain where it is believed that Moses received the Ten Commandments was aborted […]

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Aziz and the Greatest Gift of Travel

Tweet 9:30 in the morning on my last day in Egypt I walked down Dahab’s main street to climb aboard the van that would take me to the border with Israel, when on my right appeared a very sweet guy named Aziz. Nicknamed Zezo, I’d gotten to know this thin young Egyptian as I’d walked […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Tweet Living through a little history is something that doesn’t happen often, to me anyway. While in Egypt last month, though, I was able to ask many locals how they felt about the recent revolution, learning that they were unanimously unhappy with their former regime while now optimistic and hopeful about the future. I managed […]

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Why I Left Local Culture Behind to Revel in Luxury

Tweet I am a lover of all things culturally authentic and when I travel always purposefully immerse myself as deeply as I can into the midst of where the local action is. However, I’ve also had the privilege of staying in four and five star hotels in my life and, let me tell you, while […]

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Anmar the Iraqi and My First Morning in Nuweiba, Egypt

Tweet In Nuweiba, Egypt people wake up when they want. This not-too-pleasant surprise my first morning in this Sinai village segued into an unforgettable journey into town for coffee with a light-haired man with very few teeth wearing jeans twice his size and claiming to be a Christian Iraqi. Anmar the Iraqi supplied me with […]

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My 2nd Attempt to Climb Mount Sinai – and The Good Things Changed Travel Plans Can Bring

Tweet Tonight, finally, I am going to climb Mount Sinai, a long-held dream. I’m Christian, so this mountain means something to me, as the probable spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. I also love to exercise, and this is going to be an unforgetable, one-of-a-kind workout. With a small group I will […]

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Weekend Snapshot – Aish in Nuweiba, Egypt

Tweet Re-entering the Arab world a few days ago after leaving it and spending three months in Israel happily reopened my eyes to sights to which I’d left behind. The time I’ve spent here in the small rural community of Nuweiba, Egypt, also allowed me to witness some incredible new sights. A camel eating out […]

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Why I Want To Go Back To Egypt

Tweet I absolutely love being in the midst of the Arab world – watching how the people go about their daily lives, learning from them during our interactions and observing the differences between them and me. In mid-March I am planning to return to the Mid East – Egypt specifically – but am waiting to […]

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An Egyptian Harem Conspiracy

Tweet My recent trip to Egypt was filled with the usual traveler’s travails of crossing the street in Cairo without getting run over and doggedly pursuing my – and everyone’s – life dream of visiting the pyramids of Giza without allowing hundreds of swarming touts to ruin it. Egyptian history is filled with stories of […]

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Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Without Getting Hustled

Tweet Throughout life, our minds from time to time wander to that “some day” when we finally will walk amongst one of the most awesome wonders in our world – the Giza Pyramids of Egypt. We envision ourselves almost frozen in humble and awed reverence, making our way slowly across the desert while gazing without […]

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