The Amazing Koshary and Rice Pudding of Dahab, Egypt

Tweet When I was just passing through Dahab, Egypt for the first time last June I didn’t have time to discover of one the most popular local dishes. This is probably because this meal is not commonly served at the scores of restaurants where travelers head along its main street. Once I settled into the […]

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Why I Felt Comfortable Spending Two Nights Inside a Military Zone in Cairo

Tweet Note: The area in Cairo that is the subject of this post was an anomaly, as it was directly in the center of the recent protests. The rest of Cairo was its normal wonderfully chaotically calm self. After months of media reports on the Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath, it may seem as if […]

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Observations From Traveling Overland Through Egypt

Tweet Last week I traveled overland from the very bottom of Egypt to almost its very top and back again when I took a cross-country private van trip from Dahab to Cairo, courtesy of my favorite tour company in the world, King Safari Dahab and then a bus trip back to Dahab. When I climbed […]

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Four Hours in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Tweet I had no intention of going into Tahrir Square yesterday. I’d been through the area once before when I visited the Egyptian Museum in October of 2009 during my first trip to Cairo. Back then, long before the January 2011 revolution during which thousands of people were injured and hundreds killed, I hadn’t even […]

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How to Get Rid of Flies in Egypt

Tweet Can eating a delicious meal at a lovely seaside outdoor restaurant be totally spoiled by a dozen flies landing on your plate? I can only guess the answer is yes. Thankfully I am not positive because when I and the aforementioned flies were dining on a delicious meal after I snorkeled in the Blue […]

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Is Egypt Safe? Yes.

Tweet People are calling off vacations and airlines are canceling flights because there is rioting in Cairo, once again. Reminiscent of the revolution which began on January 25th of this year, the media is in Tahrir Square, filming thousands of angry people and reporting on injuries and deaths. With the country’s first election in over […]

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Egypt’s Blue Hole – Great for Diving, and Just Sightseeing

Tweet The Blue Hole isn’t the most enticing of place names, yet this is the title given to the most popular diving spot in the Sinai and probably all of Egypt. What it lacks in poetry it makes up for in accuracy. This is indeed a deep ocean hole that is the most gorgeous hue […]

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Caution: Going to Church in Egypt

Tweet It’s easy to travel through and live in the Middle East and be witness to none of the tensions that have brewed in the region for centuries. Egypt has been experiencing a lot of highly publicized strife since the government fell ten months ago yet is still filled with friendly people and a peaceful […]

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Dahab, Egypt for Beginners Like Me

Tweet I’m pretty familiar with the Middle East by now, having traveled and lived in this region on and off for almost four years. Please believe me when I tell you that Dahab, Egypt, where I sit and write this, is the most comfortable Arab culture in which I’ve ever landed. Dahab is a Bedouin […]

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The Quickest, Easiest and Cheapest Way to Get an Egypt Visa in Israel

Tweet When I first traveled overland from Israel to Egypt four months ago, I learned the hard way that at Taba, Egypt’s only border with Israel, you can only get a Sinai visa, not an Egypt visa. The good news is that the Sinai visa is free. The bad news is that it only is […]

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Afternoon Tea With Bedouins in the Sinai

Tweet On my third morning in sunny Nuweiba, Egypt the owner of the beautiful Habiba Village hotel on the sands of the Gulf of Aqaba, drove me and a couple other people off into the desert. This was to be an unforgettable day, as were all days in Nuweiba. As Maged sped us along in […]

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Dining on the Floor With Locals

Tweet One of my greatest Egyptian experiences was also one of my most unexpected. During my trip to the Sinai a couple of months ago I traveled down to this region’s southernmost town, Sharm el Sheikh. As Desi, the owner of Sinai Old Spice bed and breakfast, drove me from the bus station to her […]

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