A Don’t Miss in Luxor – Karnak Temple

Tweet Karnak Temple, with its giant, looming columns, rows of sphinxes and beautifully preserved colors was the first site I visited upon arriving in Luxor, Egypt recently. I’ve spent a lifetime never hearing much about this temple before, and after I stepped foot on its grounds, I had to wonder why. Karnak’s complex is so […]

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How to Travel Overland from Jordan to Egypt

Tweet Traveling from Jordan to Egypt and back need not involve flying. While the two countries are not connected by land, they do have two geographic commonalities: Israel and the Red Sea. Traveling from one country to the next via land or water is not only cheaper than flying – it is quite easy. I […]

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The Giza Zoo in Cairo, Egypt – Worth A Visit

Tweet I expected to be disturbed by what I saw at the Giza Zoo in Cairo. And I was. But I was also relieved to see that most of its animals seemed to be leading pretty good lives. At the Giza Zoo animals are not kept in the same carefully researched and painstakingly designed conditions […]

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Tombs vs. Temples in Luxor’s West Bank

Tweet The historical sights in and around Luxor, Egypt are roughly divided geographically into two small regions: The East Bank and the West Bank, and two genres: tombs and temples. The East Bank, where I stayed at the perfect Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, has no tombs but holds the awesome Karnak and Luxor Temples, […]

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Playing the Oud at the Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

Tweet While staying at the Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa last month, I happily spent a few evenings in its sedately beautiful Sunset Lounge, enjoying caipirinhas and the hilarious company of my hosts, Christoph and Mohamed. These attractions weren’t all that made the lounge a favorite spot of mine, though. Each night I noticed a […]

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Habiba Organic Farm – “Desert Turned into Fertile Land”

Tweet The little town of Nuweiba is a very popular spot for travelers to Egypt’s Sinai region, with its barren tranquility, clean blue ocean waters and awesome mountain backdrop. I first stayed here last June at Habiba Village, a cozy family-run camp with an enviably gorgeous location on the Red Sea. Just a few-minute drive […]

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Luxor’s Coolest Sight – The Avenue of the Sphinxes

Tweet When you travel through Egypt, it is really exciting to see ancient history popping up all over the country’s landscape. Especially when you’re not expecting it. I knew Luxor was full of tombs and temples, which is the reason I traveled to this town in upper Egypt earlier this month. Just minutes after arriving, […]

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Why Four Days at the Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa Isn’t Enough

Tweet “Four days is not enough,” said Christoph, the general manager of the Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa, shortly after I checked into his hotel in upper Egypt. “Four days is plenty of time to see Luxor,” I responded. “But it’s not enough time to experience our hotel too. You can see all the sights, […]

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A Luxor, Egypt Must-See – Medinet Habu Temple

Tweet Some sights in Egypt reach out and grab your attention effortlessly, while others sit quietly in the background, largely overlooked by the tourist population. In Luxor’s history rich West Bank the mountainside tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens draw throngs of tourists to their awesome dark interiors, […]

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Women Traveling to Cairo Can Stay Safe with the Single Ladies Travellers Program

Tweet Many women who want to travel can’t find anyone willing to join them, so they stay at home. With the world so ripe for exploring, that is a real shame. In October of 2011 the Four Seasons Cairo at the First Residence launched the Single Ladies Travellers Program to make women feel comfortable, safe […]

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How to Travel By Ferry from Egypt to Jordan

Tweet Egypt and Jordan aren’t connected by land, but this doesn’t mean that you have to fly if you want to travel from one country to the next. Just last week I traveled by ferry from Egypt to Jordan. When I returned to Egypt, I traveled overland from Jordan through Israel to Egypt and will […]

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Merry Coptic Christmas from Egypt!

Tweet If you’re the type who is sorry to see Christmas end each year, you can come to Egypt and celebrate the holiday twice. Christians in Egypt, called Copts, make up about ten percent of the country’s population and, like Christians in some other countries such as Russia, they are orthodox. I learned shortly after […]

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