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On The Road to Dahab

No matter by what means you travel there, the road to Dahab, Egypt, deep in the country’s gorgeous south Sinai region, is memorable in its exotic desert beauty. Traveling overland to the Sinai from Israel, which I have done several times, is probably the most scenic way of arriving in the little Bedouin village that […]

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Shabbat Shalom!

Weekends in Israel aren’t quite the same as anywhere else in the world. For one thing, they last only approximately one day – with people ceasing working Friday afternoons and beginning once again Saturday night or Sunday morning. For another, if you were to go from house to house in Israel on Friday night, you […]

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Israel

Israel is one of the most unique and complex countries on earth, with its mega-rich wealth of religious and historical sites, chilling visible evidence of wars gone by and status as the world’s only Jewish nation, one which must coexist very carefully with its minority Arab population. Certain of its unusual intricacies aren’t limited to […]

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The Oddest, Coolest Restaurant on Earth – The Genesis Pub in Luxor, Egypt

Have you ever innocently walked into a restaurant and encountered a strange new world? Neither had I, until I entered the doors of the Genesis English Pub in Luxor, Egypt. I’d passed by this restaurant a few times while staying at the Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa earlier this year and one night decided to […]

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A Don’t Miss in Luxor – Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple, with its giant, looming columns, rows of sphinxes and beautifully preserved colors was the first site I visited upon arriving in Luxor, Egypt recently. I’ve spent a lifetime never hearing much about this temple before, and after I stepped foot on its grounds, I had to wonder why. Karnak’s complex is so massive […]

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How to Travel Overland from Jordan to Egypt

Traveling from Jordan to Egypt and back need not involve flying. While the two countries are not connected by land, they do have two geographic commonalities: Israel and the Red Sea. Traveling from one country to the next via land or water is not only cheaper than flying – it is quite easy. I recently […]

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Scenes from Easter Weekend 2012 in Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem isn’t terribly crowded for Easter weekend this year. It’s impossible for me to compare it to previous years because, although this is my second Easter in Israel, it is my first in Jerusalem. Because Israel has been at peace since the Second Intifada ended in about 2005 and tourism is quite high here nowadays, […]

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The Giza Zoo in Cairo, Egypt – Worth A Visit

I expected to be disturbed by what I saw at the Giza Zoo in Cairo. And I was. But I was also relieved to see that most of its animals seemed to be leading pretty good lives. At the Giza Zoo animals are not kept in the same carefully researched and painstakingly designed conditions as […]

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My Pre-Blog Travels – Enchanting, Exotic Salalah, Oman, Part I

Never have I traveled anywhere as exotic, as conservative, as steeped in traditional Islamic culture as Salalah, Oman. My first trip to Salalah (pronounced Sah LAH lah) was in 2009, before I had a blog, and I traveled there once again the following year. Now that I’ve brought a blog into being, I can share […]

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Tombs vs. Temples in Luxor’s West Bank

The historical sights in and around Luxor, Egypt are roughly divided geographically into two small regions: The East Bank and the West Bank, and two genres: tombs and temples. The East Bank, where I stayed at the perfect Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, has no tombs but holds the awesome Karnak and Luxor Temples, along […]

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“Come With Me to My Mother’s Cave, for Tea”

Have you ever met anyone who lives in a cave? I’ve met two. In January of this year, when I was touring through Jordan courtesy of the Jordan Tourism Board, I spent one day exploring the ancient wonder that is Petra. It was after I’d climbed back down the 800 steps which lead up to […]

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Welcome to My Mountain

I am happily back in northern Israel after four great months in the southern Sinai town of Dahab, Egypt. While it may seem questionable to move back and forth between these two countries, it’s really not. They’re not currently on the best of terms, but they do still have a peace treaty with one another. […]

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