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What?! Travel to Cairo?

Say the word Cairo these days and most people think of danger and violence, an off-limits city in a newly forbidden country. In reality, the entire country of Egypt is still safe and travelable, including Cairo. The violence in the city is contained almost entirely downtown, which is home to Tahrir Square, where the majority […]

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Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going?

Okay, so where have I been for the past five months and why haven’t I posted anything? Although I’ve received prodding, encouragement and affirmation from people and I’ve written partial posts, I’ve then set them aside, promising myself I’ll finish them up soon. Then I’ve wandered off into my life, enjoying the present without feeling […]

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A Very Sweet Middle Eastern Holiday – Eid al Adha

One of the most interesting aspects of spending time in other countries is seeing how people in other cultures celebrate their holidays – and sometimes celebrating with them. One Muslim holiday little known to the Western world is Eid al Adha, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice. This three-day holiday begins Friday, October […]

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Why I Prefer B&B’s to Hotels

I always enjoy the process of deciding where to stay when I travel. I think this is one of the most important choices you can make when planning a trip since where you stay can greatly help make or break your experience. I travel to Martha’s Vineyard every summer (save for the past two summers […]

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Harbors of the World

When I travel I like to spend a lot of time around the ocean. Be the waters crystal clear with a hint of turqouise, as in the Grand Caymans, or nearly black as in my home state of Connecticut, I just love the atmosphere. More than the wide open ocean, though, I love the look […]

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Enjoying a Wedding in Vietnam! Until I Discovered It Was a Funeral.

Have you ever happened upon a wedding in a country other than your own? Oh, the flowers, the atmosphere, the attire! What could be a more transfixing, happy, unique occasion? Upon stepping out of my guesthouse in Hoi An, Vietnam, minutes after arriving – and after surviving a night on a cockroach-infested train from Nha […]

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A Lighthouse at the End of the Earth – Cape Poge, Chappaquiddick

Lighthouses are a staple of New England. Admired, protected and frequently visited, these are popular due to their varied appearances, their beautiful seaside locations, and the awesome fact that this centuries-old method of alerting ships to the presence of land still is utilized in the modern day. I’ve visited several lighthouses in the Northeast, however, […]

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A Delicious Lunch…If You’re a Camel

What do camels eat? Almost anything, it seems. Domesticated camels are often fed grass, dates and oats, while those in the wild do quiet well in creating their own diets. I spotted this particular camel enjoying lunch on New Year’s Day when I was riding my bike from the main tourist drag of Dahab back […]

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The Colors of Israel, in Food

Israel has some very popular national dishes, namely hummus, falafel and schwarma. I could eat hummus every day and adore falafel but don’t really like shwarma as I have an aversion to shaved meat. Despite the delicious flavors of Israel, I do have to say that I find the food in this country to be […]

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Coffee or Tea? Drinks Around the World

Coffee and tea are international beverages. I came to this realization at some point during the past two years of living in and traveling through the Middle East while also spending large amounts of time in Australia and Southeast Asia. These two beverages are ubiquitous throughout the above continents as well as my homeland of […]

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Out of the Way in New York City – D.U.M.B.O.

Yesterday a friend told me that, although he’d grown up in New Jersey very close to New York, he’d never heard of Dumbo. Located on the East River in Brooklyn, this is not one of New York’s most famous sights – and also no relation to the cartoon elephant by the same name. Still, Dumbo, […]

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Russia, What Is This Baby Yoga Thing?

There is one thing that disturbs me about Dahab, Egypt. If you’ve read my blog for even a short amount of time, you know that I love the laid back people of this little town in the Sinai, its exotic Egyptian and Bedouin cultures, the awesome views of Saudi Arabia across the blue waters of […]

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